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Key Data is the best platform for hospitality data. We provide business intelligence for forward-thinking hospitality professionals around the world from vacation rental & resort property managers, to chambers & DMOs as well as real estate professionals.

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We do the hard work of bringing data together so you don’t have to. No more exporting, cleaning & aggregating.


Seamless property management system integrations for 100% accurate data. No scraping. Period.


Get started with your historical data so you can instantly monitor year over year insights of your data.


All of our platforms are intuitive consisting of features & functions you’re already familiar with using.

Hospitality Professionals

Vacation Rentals + Resorts

For vacation rental managers who want to better understand their business and competitive performance, Key Data Dashboard is a business intelligence (BI) and benchmarking tool that provides clear, easy to understand visibility into all the core metrics that drive your business, displayed side by side with similar performance data from your local and regional competitors. Unlike pricing tools and data scrapers, Key Data empowers you with full visibility into your business’ most important data, while providing the industry’s only direct-source data showing how you stack up to competitors in your market.

Visualize Your Destination KPIs

DMOs & Municipalities

For DMOs and municipalities who need true visibility into the performance of their vacation rental and feeder markets, Key Data’s DMO Dashboard is a reporting and analytics tool that provides the industry’s first access to direct source vacation rental data in an interactive, real-time dashboard. Key Data’s DMO dashboard is integrated directly with vacation rental managers’ software platforms, providing you with continuous, direct, and first-source reservation data that provides accurate, trusted, and the industry’s only interactive visibility into the performance of your vacation rental and feeder markets.

Accurate Projections Everytime

Real Estate Professionals

For real estate agents, property managers, appraisers, and lenders who need to accurately forecast the short-term rental income performance for a property, Key Data’s – Rental Income Appraiser – is an automated valuation tool for short-term rentals that provides the most accurate forecasts and appraisals in the industry.  Unlike estimators that scrape data and make poor assumptions, Key Data pulls millions of real-time reservation feeds directly from integrations with professional rental managers worldwide, continuously analyzing trusted, real booking data to provide accurate and reliable valuations you can trust.

With Key Data, my team has the ability to make our own informed revenue decisions based on our data. No more pulling tricky reports and organizing data into a digestible format – we save hours of time each day by using the Key Data dashboard.

Meaghan Moylan

Director of Revenue

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