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Trusted short-term rental market data for enterprise scale

Short-term rental data and traveller trends are dynamic, your data should be too. Our enterprise data solutions have the answer.

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Key Data’s forward looking booking and revenue data helps analysts visualize and forecast OTA gross bookings and revenue performance in real time, well before quarterly earnings reports and calls. By offering the industry’s only source of direct, real time data we take the guessing out of your investment models, replacing scraped data sources with 100% accurate, direct source data.

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Data Collection Methodology

We aggregate short-term rental data sourced directly from more than 50+ reservation systems of 2,700+ professional lodging operators around the world, capturing bookings, RevPAR and cancellations data in near real-time.

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Trusted Short-term Insights for Enterprise-Level Hospitality

Enterprise-level hospitality meets unparalleled market intelligence. Our platform offers real-time insights and analytics, empowering your hotel to excel in a competitive landscape with data-driven decisions and strategies.

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The Most Complete Source of Hotel & Short Term Rental Intelligence

With data sourced directly from our co-op of millions of vacation rental properties worldwide, hotels, and OTAs, Key Data creates market- and property-level intelligence to help destination marketers attract more premium visitors.

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Bring a deeper level of expertise to your destination's marketing strategy with more granular, comprehensive, and actionable data

Strategic Insights for Investment Funds

Transform investment strategies with Key Data's forward-looking insights. Our platform offers real-time booking and revenue data, enabling precise forecasting and decision-making, well ahead of traditional financial reporting cycles.

Robust Data Collection Methodology

Our comprehensive approach aggregates data directly from an extensive network of professional lodging operators, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and immediacy in capturing market dynamics, from bookings to revenue performance.

Bring a deeper level of expertise to your destination's marketing strategy with more granular, comprehensive, and actionable data

Unlock Comprehensive Occupancy Insights

Discover unparalleled visibility into your destination's lodging landscape with our unique platform. By seamlessly integrating real-time data from both direct sources and leading OTAs, we provide an unmatched, holistic view of occupancy trends, enabling strategic decisions that drive tourism success.

Adapt with Predictive Analytics

Stay ahead of ever-evolving tourism trends with our forward-looking metrics. Our comprehensive data spans the entire lodging market, offering insights to anticipate seasonal shifts and benchmark against competitors, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

Target with Precision

Dive deep into visitor demographics and behaviors with our reservation-level data. Understand visitor origins, booking platforms, and spending patterns to optimize marketing strategies and enhance visitor value over volume.

Customize Your Analysis

Our flexible platform caters to the unique dynamics of each destination. Create custom boundaries to analyze specific areas, from airports to downtown districts, providing tailored insights that align with your strategic goals.

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