Finding the Data

November 9, 2022
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Now that you know what data you need and how to use it, how do you get the data?

Where Does the Data Come From?

There are two primary sources, each with pros and cons; Direct Source Data and Scraped Data

Direct Data

This data is pulled directly from the property management companies’ reservation systems.

  • Pros: Direct data is widely considered to be more accurate because it comes from the system of record. It also gives insight into revenue-generating nights (guests) vs. non-revenue-generating nights (i.e. owner nights and holds).
  • Cons: This data is not all-encompassing because it requires agreements with the property managers and doesn’t include rentals by the owner
  • Use it for: Occupancy rates, property revenue estimates, booking windows, stay
  • lengths.

Scraped Data

This data is systematically scraped from Airbnb and VRBO.

  • Pros: The data covers the vast majority of rental units.
  • Cons: Occupancy rates and revenue estimates are not as accurate because all
  • unavailable nights look the same.
  • Use it for: Supply, and market-level revenue (with a grain of salt)

30A, FL - Direct from Key Data’s Partners compared to scraped from Airbnb + VRBO

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