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May 2, 2024
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As a property manager in today's ultra-competitive vacation rental market, having insight into upcoming trends can be the difference between just getting by and truly thriving. Demand patterns, pricing strategies, occupancy rates - all of these factors are constantly fluctuating based on seasonality, economic conditions, traveler preferences and more. If you're not carefully monitoring and anticipating these shifts, you risk being left behind.

That's why Key Data is excited to announce the launch of our new U.S. Seasonal Market Preview report. This free quarterly publication gives property managers an early look at the demand, revenue, and lodging trends they can expect in the coming season across the national short-term rental landscape.

In an industry where having the latest data is pivotal, the Seasonal Market Preview ensures you always have a line of sight into emerging patterns before your competitors. By getting this valuable forward-looking intelligence directly in your inbox, you'll be able to proactively optimize your business strategy, pricing, marketing efforts and staffing levels for maximum occupancy and profits.

Inside The Report

Here are just a few of the powerful insights you'll unlock:

- Hyper-accurate nationwide data on short-term rental rates, occupancy levels, and revenue per available room (RevPAR) for the upcoming season
- The ability to compare your company's individual performance metrics against broader U.S. rental trends
- Forward-looking projections for the next three months and pacing compared to previous years
- A macro-level view of demand patterns and where rental heat is rising or cooling across different markets

In this data-driven era, reacting to trends once they've already hit is too little, too late. Key Data's Seasonal U.S. Market Report helps get out in front of inflection points before your competition by giving you an early line of sight into emerging travel patterns and rate dynamics. With this preview into the coming quarter and information on past performance, you can ensure your business is primed to capitalize on every opportunity.

With an ever-changing market, it's more important than ever to ensure you don't miss a single beat. Sign up today to get the Seasonal Market Preview delivered straight to your inbox completely free, every January, April, July, and October.

How To Download Your Copy

The U.S. Short-Term Rental Report is free to download. Simply click the link below to get your copy of the most recent report now.

Then, each quarter, you'll receive an updated report directly in your inbox. So, each quarter, you can keep track of national trends, regional performance, pacing, and larger economic shifts.

Click here to download your free copy.

Diving Deeper Into The Data

Ready to dive deeper into local performance? Want to compare your property to regional and national trends? Contact us for a individual consultation of the Key Data Dashboard to see how your performance compares to the competition.

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