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Barefoot Technologies Vacation Rental Data Integration
The easiest way to connect your Barefoot Technologies PMS data with Key Data thanks to our direct source integration. This integration comes loaded with all of the core vacation rental data metrics. Connect your PMS account and get started.
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Vacation Rental Software to make your business grow

The easiest way to connect your Barefoot Technologies PMS data with Key Data thanks to our single sign-on, direct-source integration. This integration increases the value of your core vacation rental data metrics.

To get started, visit the Partner tab in Barefoot (as an administrator) and click on Key Data Dashboard to get started. This will send a ticket into both Barefoot and Key Data to get this integration started.

Then get ready to leverage your data from Barefoot along with the market data and analytics from Key Data to be agile and make more money, attract new and retain owners.

Hot Tip: For clients switching to Barefoot Technologies PMS, talk to your sales person about connecting your existing system to get historical data and then connecting that to Barefoot to provide comprehensive PACE and other analytics going forward.

Together we'll scale your vacation rental property management business

So what exactly does Key Data do?

Here are some popular ways Barefoot Technologies users use Key Data.

ProData premium tools

See where you stack up, against the competition

Custom Comp Sets give you the ability to build customized, competitive sets for each of your properties. Monitor daily pricing/availability on VRBO and AirBnb, as well as see exactly where you stack up against your competitors. Real-time pricing decisions just became a lot easier!

Streamline your growth pipeline, and improve close rates

Rental projections backed by real market data. Property managers can save time putting together rental projections using our streamlined projections to generate accurate, reliable rental projections for new and existing business.

Real-Time, Forward Looking Traveler Demand Data

DemandIQ® is the lodging industry’s first product for capturing true, real-time, forward-looking traveler demand data. To date, we have all relied upon booking data to reflect traveler demand. While this tells the picture of the demand you captured, it doesn’t tell the full story about the demand you failed to capture, or the market level demand that never made it your way.

Financial Insights,
in Real-Time

Key Data’s streamlined budgeting module provides a time-saving way to generate accurate, reliable revenue goals, allowing you to monitor your entire organization’s financial health in real-time even right down to the individual property level.