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Custom Comp Sets

Custom Comp Sets give you the ability to build customized, competitive rental sets for each of your properties. You will be able to monitor daily pricing/availability on VRBO and AirBnB, as well as see exactly where you stack up against your competitors. Real-time pricing decisions just became a lot easier!

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Enhance your revenue strategy

Comprehensive Analysis

Once comp sets are created, comprehensive rate analysis is a breeze saving you on time and money.

Capture Pricing Insights

See the final advertised price on a booked property as well as advertised pricing for nights still available.

Better Pricing Strategies

Comp sets let you get the most out of your unit’s revenue potential providing access to data driven pricing for better overall strategies.

Quoted Rates

Key Data is filling in the gaps. Our team is pulling quotes for OTA listings that were previously missing rates.

Calendar Picker

Easily target a date range for analysis with this intuitive tool.

International Support

Customers now have the ability to convert currency from USD to the local currency.

Additional KPIs

Average Booked Rates
Average Unbooked Rates
Calendar Occupancy

Exportable Comp Sets

Save and download your Comp Sets for easy sharing.