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Real-time, Forward Looking Traveler Demand Data

DemandIQ™ is the lodging industry’s first product for capturing true, real-time, forward-looking traveler demand data. To date, we have all relied upon booking data to reflect traveler demand. While this tells the picture of the demand you captured, it doesn’t tell the full story about the demand you failed to capture, or the market level demand that never made it your way.

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Enhance your marketing strategy

Uncover the 'When'

Instantly uncover when guests are searching on your website & know well before reservations pickup with our booking window dashboard.

Identify the 'Where'

Easy to grasp guest heat maps help you identify "where" your guests are coming from for simplified geo-targeted marketing.

Insights on 'How'

Instantly know "how" guests are booking with you through our aggregated bookings by source report.