Vacation Rental Performance Data

Instant visualization of your organization's health within intuitive, real-time dashboards that save your team time & energy.

"We use Key Data on a daily basis. Not only for our management dashboard and reporting, but for tracking almost every aspect of our business. The information is endless. My company is more amazing, efficient, and productive because of this product."

Jennifer Mucha, Owner of Arrived

Key Data Insights for the Professionals

Actionable Insights

Instant data visualization into your businesses key successes & issues so you instantly know where you stand.

Property Performance

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual granularity filters for unit by unit performance analysis for every unit in your portfolio.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive property managers and owner reports detailing the performance of each unit.

Visualize Performance
Instant Insights and 40+ KPIs

Filterable charts and metrics by Bedroom, Area, # Sleeps, and tons of other ways to better understand your business performance and problem areas so you can make adjustments when and where needed.