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Short-term Rental Data & Community for Investors & Hosts

Built specifically for the community of vacation rental hosts looking for a complete and accurate market dataset to make better-informed, data-driven decisions while managing their homes. Sign up to join our beta program.

We track over +10M listings worldwide from popular OTAs like VRBO and Airbnb

HostData combines the accurate data of Key Data’s ProData product used by professionals around the globe, with an intuitive user experience built specifically with the short-term rental host and their individual situations in mind.


Market Pulse

See whats going on in a market right now

Market Trends

Look at the trends of your area, month over month

Market Community

Data driven discussions that are specific to your market

Market Explorer

A free tool allows for Explore Markets before you buy

Rental Projection

You can run unlimited number of rental projections in markets you subscribe to. We actually store them for later viewing.

Property Competition

We automatically determine a properties competition by market (VRBO/Airbnb) then allow a user to groom this competitive list.

Property Insights

Get important insights by comparing yourself directly to the competition.

Community News

Currently feeding in VRMIntel -but we can pull in any RSS feed or create our own. Then the community allows liking and chatting to other users.

Community Product

Be part of the product discussion. Your feed back helps inform the product.