Key Data partners with sojo

October 20, 2022
2 minute read

Key Data is excited to partner with sojo, the leading provider of automating and streamlining turn-day guest amenities. The partnership provides a deeper, data-driven approach further streamlining turn-day guest amenities for the vacation rental industry providing an overall better level of service for co-customers.

“We’re really excited to secure this partnership with Key Data. Access to better data and insights will allow us to continue providing the best level of service for our customers and guests alike,” says sojo founder and CEO, Max Farley.

Jason Sprenkle, CEO of Key Data, added, “As suppliers become more and more data-driven in their operations, access to real-time, direct source data is critical. We’re excited to partner with an industry innovator like sojo and look forward to providing better data and better service to our co-customers.”

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