Vacation Rental Market Data Performance for Mountain West - Winter & Summer 2021

How was your Winter Season?

ADR - Most markets had a higher ADR this season. Aspen is the notable exception, where ADR dropped from $1,059 last year to $874 this year.

Occupancy - Year-over-year changes in the adjusted paid occupancy rate really varied by market. Jackson Hole saw the strongest growth, with occupancy increasing from 58% in 2019 to 72% this season.

RevPAR - Driven by higher rates, revenues also increased compared to the two previous years.

Ready for some great news? Summer is already out-pacing previous years for these ski markets.


How does your Summer look?

ADR - Increased demand means increased rates and the ADR reflects that. In Telluride, the average daily rate on the books for this summer is $541, compared to $373 at the same point in 2019.

Occupancy - Occupancy on the books is already double last year for many destinations. At this point in 2019, Jackson Hole's summer was 29% occupied, compared to 63% for the upcoming season.

RevPAR - With occupancy and ADR both higher, revenue is following suit. In Breckenridge, RevPAR is already $100 higher than what was on the books for summer 2019.

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