Key Data Partners With Rev And Research

August 8, 2023
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Key Data is thrilled to introduce our partnership with Rev and Research, one of the most dedicated and experienced revenue management services in the industry. In our shared vision to continue advancing the vacation rental industry, Key Data will continue to innovate and provide the most accurate vacation rental data. Rev and Research, with their specialized revenue management expertise, will utilize these insights to provide bespoke strategies that are not only easy to understand but also actionable.  By making the data more actionable, we aim to facilitate intelligent decision-making and drive meaningful growth to your business.

In response to the industry transformations post-Covid, where the emphasis shifted from rates to comprehensive revenue management, Rev and Research was established. Guided by the understanding of the crucial role data plays in effective portfolio organization and efficient time management, the team dedicated themselves to providing these vital data-driven services to their clients.

Proven Experience

Rev and Research, spearheaded by Ben Coleman, Rebecca Ballart, and Kelley McElfresh, embodies a cumulative 30 years of revenue management and balance sheet experience for property management companies. Their approach, drawing from their varied experiences, aims to make data management and interpretation simpler and more effective for organizations, regardless of size. What sets them apart is their extensive exposure to different property management systems, pricing systems, and more specifically, their expertise with Key Data.

A Unique Approach

One key focus for Rev and Research is demystifying complex data. They aim not only to develop revenue management strategies but also to ensure clients understand their data. This enables clients to make informed decisions to drive their business growth.

The team's approach to client organizations is tailored to each case, with interactions varying from exclusive executive meetings to larger collaborative discussions based on portfolio size. The prime goal is to dive deeper into the data, transforming intricate bits of information into understandable insights.

A standout trait of Rev and Research is their empathetic understanding of the property management companies they collaborate with. Rooted in their own experiences and lessons learned from past challenges, they bring relevant problem-solving strategies and solutions to every client interaction. Their hands-on approach ensures they provide comprehensive assistance, whether the issue pertains to distribution, rates, or the learning curve of general system technology.
The Rev and Research team values companies eager to embrace data-driven decision-making. They are particularly drawn to clients who are poised for growth, as their strategy extends beyond homeowner retention and also prioritizes homeowner acquisition. Their mission is to increase profitability while helping clients maintain a competitive edge in the market.

The expertise provided for those seeking new homeowners is invaluable. By identifying well-performing units and devising effective strategies, they free up valuable time for their clients. This allows clients to focus on business expansion, while Rev And Research takes over the complexities of revenue management.

The strategies offered by Rev and Research are well-received by their partners. Their collaborative efforts yield better results and build trust over time, making them invaluable for any business aiming to leverage data to its fullest potential.
The team's strategies have been well received by partners, thanks to their collaborative efforts, practical insights, and trust-building approach. They make it a priority to equip their partners with a deeper understanding of their data, which not only provides a sense of ownership but also paves the way for sustainable growth.

The revenue management expertise provided by Rev And Research can be a valuable asset to any company looking to sharpen its data interpretation and application skills. If you would like to learn more, you can visit their website here. Additionally, for an in-depth look at their team and strategies, you can watch the detailed conversation we had with them here.

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